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Expunging Records

“But I was more qualified for the job!” “But my income could cover this loan!” “But my scores were exemplary!” Have you ever said or at least felt one of these sentiments right after being turned down for a job, school, loan, rental, etc? When you apply for any of these it is probable that the person responsible for acceptance or denial would have first run a background. They would then have noticed that you had a mark on your criminal record. It they were like many people that was the moment they stopped reading and you stopped being considered.

It can be tricky going through life with a criminal record. Everything seems to be affected from finding good employment to being accepted to your favorite university or any university for that matter. Unfortunately, many people have a hard time looking past your criminal conviction even if it was years earlier and you have already paid the consequences in full. The good news is that here at The Law Offices of Smith & White PLLC, we are experienced in getting our clients’ criminal records vacated or even expunged. Whether you have a juvenile or an adult criminal record, let us help to make your life more manageable.

What Does Expunging Records Mean?

Were you aware that even if you just got charged and were eventually acquitted you have a criminal record? Should this affect you at all? It is arguable that it should not. Most people would probably agree with you. However, put yourself in the decision maker’s spot. Hundreds of applications are needing to be evaluated. To find out that you were acquitted would take researching the criminal record. It is more likely that it was seen you have a criminal record and you were immediately disqualified. The good news is that there is a way to fix this problem.

Having your criminal record expunged basically means that it is removed from the Washington State Patrol database, the official custodian of Washington State criminal history. The benefit of this is that when a potential employer does a background check, they will not run across any official records. Expunging records can only be done for cases which did not end with a conviction. Sometimes it is necessary to wait a period of three or five years before you can get your records expunged, but in some special circumstances, it might be possible to have it done sooner. At The Law Offices of Smith & White PLLC, we will discuss with you what your options are so that you can start living your life more freely.

What Does Vacating Records Mean?

Having your criminal record vacated is in reference to crimes for which you were actually convicted. Vacating records means that a judge will actually reverse the conviction. Not every crime can be vacated. Some crimes that may be vacated are drug crimes, theft and burglary. At The Law Offices of Smith & White PLLC, our Tacoma criminal defense attorney will strive to understand your criminal background completely so that we can offer the best solution for you. Typically, there is a time period that you will have to wait, as well as other requirements that you must meet in direct correlation to your conviction.

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