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Tacoma DUI Defense & Pierce County DUI defense

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In Tacoma Municipal Court, Judge Verhey presides over DUI cases. The City of Tacoma has prosecutors specially trained and dedicated to the prosecution of these DUIs. They have years of experience and have handled hundreds or even thousands of similar cases and will be very diligent in their preparation. That said, hard work and a thorough analysis by Smith and White’s DUI lawyers can win you a reduction in charge. In fact, unlike most courts (Judges) that will reduce a charge on the prosecutor’s say so, Judge Verhey will not accept a reduction unless the DUI defense lawyer can explain to her sufficient grounds to warrant a reduction. In fact, if you hire the DUI defense attorneys at Smith & White, PLLC early enough, upon reviewing your case we may suggest your exercise your Affidavit of Prejudice to force a different Judge to hear your case. Do not be confused by the name, Judge Verhey is a very fair and unprejudiced Judge. However, depending on the specifics of your case, her strong knowledge and familiarity with DUI law may or may not be an advantage to you. Your Smith & White DUI lawyer will let you know.

Pierce County DUI DefenseIn the Pierce County District Court they rotate which judges are assigned to hear DUI cases. However, much like the City of Tacoma, the Pierce County Prosecutors Office has attorneys assigned to the Misdemeanor Unit with special training and experience assigned to negotiate these cases and will have handled hundreds if not thousands of DUIs. In fact, they received a government grant exactly for that purpose.

For the outlying cities in Pierce County (Puyallup , University Place, Lakewood for example), the prosecution is generally handled by the City Attorney’s office (or the contracted attorney paid to handle these cases by the City Attorney who does not want to handle them). Judge Beall presides over Puyallup DUI cases (and all others). Judge Beall is actually a former defense attorney that worked opposite Derek Smith of Smith & White, PLLC when he prosecuted for the City of Kent. Therefore, they have a long term working relationship.

Grant Blinn is the new Judge for the City of Lakewood DUIs (and all cases). In fact, he may not be there long as he is running for Superior Court Judge. Smith & White hold Judge Blinn and great esteem and support him in his bid to win a Superior Court seat. As the cities of Steillacomb, University Place and DuPont do not wish to prosecute their own cases, they contract court services, both prosecution and Judge, with the City of Lakewood.

It is important for your DUI defense lawyer to know the particular Judges, prosecutors and procedures of the various courts. It is also important for all potential clients to know that time is of the essence in DUI cases. Evidence can be lost in hours and/or days. It is very important to contact an a DUI defense attorney as soon as possible to discuss your case to make sure all your options are covered.

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