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DUI Defense

If you have been arrested for driving under the influence in Western Washington, you are facing serious challenges to your liberties, livelihood and driving privileges.

In Washington, a DUI conviction cannot be erased or expunged. It stays on your record forever. Punishments – even for a first offense – can include up to a year in jail, five years’ probation, a mandatory ignition interlock device on your motor vehicle, mandatory alcohol treatment, loss of your driver’s license and substantial fines that could drain your personal finances for a long, long time. Five or more DUIs can amount to a potential felony charge.

To turn back these serious challenges and return to the road, you need serious representation that protects your rights. You can find it at The Law Offices of Smith and White, PLLC, in Tacoma.

Skilled DUI defense lawyers Derek Smith and James White have handled thousands of DUI cases of all kinds during their nearly 40 years of combined experience. They protect your rights at every turn in the DUI legal process, from administrative hearings and criminal charges to negotiation with prosecutors or litigation of your case in court.

Act immediately to protect your rights if you have been arrested for DUI in Washington. Too many things can go wrong with a DUI arrest to simply plead guilty and accept harsh, life-changing punishments you don’t deserve. Contact our attorneys today so we can talk to you about what happened and begin investigating your charges.

We respond promptly to e-mails and overnight messages.

Arrested for DUI in Tacoma? Smith & White, PLLC, Can Help.

Our lawyers arm you with the facts you need to know about the DUI legal process in Tacoma, Pierce County and King County and across the state of Washington – information that can lead to sound decisions about your defense and your future.

The Smith and White law firm looks carefully at every police arrest procedure and aspects of probable cause that could have proven deceptive and led to a false arrest. Erratic driving could be the result of high winds, a dangerous road or a pre-existing medical condition, such as an allergy. At the arrest scene, a breath test machine could malfunction or need repair. We challenge every facet of law enforcement involvement and emphasize every positive that could benefit you.

The timing of your report of a DUI arrest is extremely important. Evidence can be lost in hours or days. Memories of eyewitnesses can grow foggy over time. You owe it to yourself to contact us immediately if you have been picked up for drunk driving. Over 30 years of service to clients in Western Washington, The Law Offices of Smith and White has proven that we can help.

Got a DUI? Call us Today.

Contact us immediately if you have been arrested. Call the Tacoma DUI attorney’s at Smith & White at (253) 203-1645. However, if you cannot reach us speak with the on-call public defender.

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