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“Dealing with the legal system can be both overwhelming and frightening. Mr. Smith and Mr. White are both attentive, responsive and helped put me at ease immediately. Thanks to their expertise my case was resolved fairly quickly and in my favor. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to use them on two separate cases. I highly recommend them.”

Daniel Corrigan

“Very thorough, knowledgeable, and informative.
Derek went above and beyond to make sure my case had the best possible outcome.
Highly recommended!”

Amanda Crist

“The Law offices of Smith and White are top notch when it comes to legal advice and criminal defense.
They are knowledgeable, efficient and extremely effective at what they do.
If you want to win your case or if you feel trouble brewing, call this office for advice.”

Keith White

“James White was all I ever could have hoped for in representation for my DUI. Professional. Respectful. Thorough. Savvy. He was able to work with the prosecutors to come to a fair resolution. I hope I never have to use him again–
but if I do, I won’t hesitate.”

Mr. Draper

“I have worked as opposing counsel with this firm for the last 4 years.
I have always been impressed with their zealous representation and skill. Should any of my friends or family ask for a criminal defense recommendation, I will be suggesting this fine firm.”

Tye G
Tacoma DUI Attorneys


Smith & White have several areas of practice experience. A significant portion of our clientele consists of DUI, criminal and domestic violence cases, our practice also represents many clients accused of felony-level offenses like theft, assault, robbery, firearms or drug charges. Contact us to review your charges.

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Smith & White is an elite criminal defense law firm, with offices in Tacoma and Vashon. When you’re faced with protecting your rights in court, a compassionate advocate with expert advice will ensure the best possible outcome. We have a broad range of experience with any number of criminal cases, including DUI, domestic violence, and drug-related offenses.

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Our Practice Areas

Smith & White have litigated a large number of different types of criminal defense cases. Many of those have been DUI and domestic violence cases.   We also have represents many clients accused of felony offenses like assault, robbery, firearms, drug, theft or even murder charges. We also welcome cases related to firearm restoration, voting restoration, expungement and/or vacation of criminal records, and drug asset forfeiture defense.

Even if you don’t see your particular charge listed, we very much want to hear from you to determine if we’d be a good fit for your needs. Please contact us with any questions about our practice areas.

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column2-image1Drug Crimes “VUCSA”

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column2-image1Asset Forfeiture

column3-image1Felonies & Misdemeanors

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At Smith & White, we understand that the legal process can be intimidating, so we make every effort to help our clients feel comfortable when needing advice. We believe that every client deserves respect, as well as an affordable, dedicated advocate. No matter how serious or complicated the case, we have the skill and resources to provide clients with the best representation.Have you been recently charged with a DUI? We are known as Tacoma’s premier DUI attorneys.

In addition, our Tacoma criminal defense attorneys have represented people fighting charges of drug crimes, domestic violence, firearms offenses, DUI, homicide, juvenile offenses, and more. We also represent individuals in Kent, Olympia, Port Orchard, Federal Way, Puyallup, and Lakewood, among other areas. Call Attorneys James J. White and Derek M. Smith at (253) 203-1645 or email us directly at info@smithandwhite.com to set up a free consultation.

Pierce County Criminal Defense Attorneys Protecting the Rights of Individuals in Tacoma and Beyond

Many people who have been arrested or charged with a criminal offense understandably feel anxious and confused about what will happen. Often, they have never been in the position of consulting an attorney before. At Smith & White, we believe that each individual is entitled to compassionate, capable, and diligent legal representation. With nearly 40 years of combined legal experience, we have handled thousands of criminal cases. Our Tacoma criminal defense lawyers represent people charged with crimes ranging from DUI and drug offenses to homicide, robbery and burglary, assault, domestic violence, and firearms offenses. We also can assist people in proceedings to expunge or vacate a conviction, as well as in juvenile matters and asset forfeiture cases. We strive to provide our clients with bold defense and thorough guidance.

Fighting Charges of Drunk Driving and Other Vehicular Offenses

In Washington, you may be charged with driving under the influence (DUI) if you operate a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs like marijuana. Washington has some of the strictest DUI laws and harshest penalties in the nation, which may include jail time, license suspension, fines, or community service, even for first-time offenders. Deciding to fight a state or federal charge with the assistance of a Tacoma DUI attorney may be a vital decision, since there are many defenses that may be available to lower a charge or dismiss a case. For example, breathalyzer test results often may be challenged, and evidence surrounding your arrest may be excluded from court if it was obtained illegally, or as the result of police misconduct.

Legal Representation for State and Federal Drug Charges

The Violation of the Uniform Controlled Substance Act (VUCSA) provides the Washington laws regarding drugs and other controlled substances. These laws include many criminal offenses, ranging from misdemeanor possession of marijuana or drug paraphernalia to felony charges regarding the manufacture and trafficking of methamphetamine. Penalties can vary widely from a brief jail sentence and fine to many years or even life in prison, depending on the offense and criminal history of the defendant. Both VUCSA and federal drug charges may be contested with a variety of defenses, including lack of knowledge or intent, police misconduct, and illegal search and seizure.

Assistance for Individuals Facing Prosecution for Violent Crimes

Washington provides severe penalties for crimes of violence, which include murder and manslaughter, robbery and burglary, and assaults involving shootings. In many instances, even if an individual committed the alleged act, there may be valid defenses to the crime charged. Self-defense, for example, may be argued if the defendant reasonably believed that he or she needed to use violence to prevent imminent and serious harm. Because of the inherent complexity of these cases, a Tacoma criminal defense lawyer is crucial in protecting your rights and guiding you through the legal proceedings.

Knowledgeable Domestic Violence Defense

Domestic violence is a term designated for certain criminal charges that are committed against family or household members. It generally includes violent or threatening offenses, such as assault, rape, stalking, trespass, violations of no contract orders, and others. Under Washington law, an arrest is mandatory if the police have reason to believe that an act of domestic violence has occurred. The legal consequences upon an arrest or charge of a domestic violence also differ from ordinary criminal charges, and they can be explained more fully by a knowledgeable attorney.

Advocacy for Individuals Charged with Firearms and Weapons Offenses

Firearms laws in Washington limit and restrict the right to carry, possess, or own such weapons. Some weapons are completely illegal to possess, such as short-barreled shotguns and machine guns, while others are illegal to carry, such as certain dangerous weapons or concealed guns without the proper permit. In addition, individuals who have been convicted of certain criminal offenses are generally not legally able to possess a firearm. Depending on the criminal history of the offender, penalties may be significant, including prison time and heavy fines.

Post-Conviction Relief and Other Criminal Matters

Our Tacoma criminal defense lawyers also can assist clients in many other legal matters, particularly those involving juvenile offenses, drug asset forfeiture, record expungement and vacating criminal records, and the restoration of civil rights. At Smith & White, we are prepared to guide our clients throughout the entire process, including post-conviction relief.