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Weapons Charges

Tacoma, Kent, Port Orchard & Olympia Firearms, Gun Rights & Self Defense Lawyer

Confronting an intruder, discharging a weapon, or using deadly force to protect your life are all overwhelming experiences that have the potential to result in homicidal charges. It is important to seek out an experienced Tacoma firearms lawyer in these situations and the Law Offices of Smith & White can provide much needed counsel.


1. Before the arrival of Law Enforcement

  • Ensure personal safety – scan the environment for threats. Make sure the attacker is downed without access to a weapon. Verify that any and all accomplices have fled. Once the environment is safe re-holster your personal firearm. You may wish to place the firearm in a secure location away from your person so that Law Enforcement does not over-react to an armed individual.
  • Call 911. Provide your name and location. Explain that YOU ARE THE VICTIM, and request police be dispatched immediately. See “What to do after you have just shot someone” for more information.

2. Arrival of Law Enforcement

  • Take a nonthreatening posture. Keep hands visible and follow all police commands as quickly and carefully as possible.
  • Remain silent and request for a gun rights lawyer immediately. Stressful experiences raise the risk of a person saying something which might incriminate themselves. Your adrenaline will make you want to talk. Law Enforcement is very good at getting people to talk. They may act like by not talking then you must be the criminal. Know this, law enforcement has a rule of NOT talking about an incident where they use deadly force for 24 hours. They understand that the stress of the situation causes confusion. So, follow their rule and do not talk about the incident. Ask for your Tacoma Defense Lawyer.

Contact a Tacoma Firearms Lawyer

Law enforcement conducts thorough investigations whenever deadly or excessive force is used against an intruder. The Tacoma firearms lawyer at the Law Offices of Smith and White can intelligently argue your side of the case and present evidence to make your case more compelling. However, when law enforcement determines the force used what not justified, you may face charges for felony assault, unlawful discharge of a firearm, murder or negligent homicide. This is part of why it is important to consult with your attorney BEFORE making a statement as to the incident.

Our Tacoma self defense lawyers understand the level of preparation and commitment necessary to present a sound self-defense strategy. If you have questions regarding a self-defense strategy,contact the Law Offices of Smith & White to arrange a free consultation with a Tacoma firearms or gun rights lawyer. It should be noted that self-defense cases may be entitled to have the State pay you back the cost of your legal defense if a jury finds that you were not guilty and that you were not guilty because you were reasonably defending yourself or others.

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