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Here is additional information related to specific practice areas in criminal defense. We do try to keep this information current but also have a busy practice. For the most accurate and current information call or email us today. 253-203-1645 or James@smithandwhite.com.

The days when the lawyer had a corner office and could answer all questions related to the law are long gone. The law has grown in practice areas and complication. Lawyers are expected to know greater and greater detail and specifics related to the law and the facts of their case. As such, most lawyers now practice in only 1 or two fields.

Some lawyers only practice DUI. DUI is a complicated field of law that is a subcategory of criminal defense. At Smith & White, PLLC, we practice both criminal defense and DUI law. With a team of lawyers and dedicated staff, we are able to keep abreast of all the new developments and defenses in DUI law. Additionally, sometimes new developments and defenses in criminal defense in general also should be used for DUI defense. For example, prosecutorial misconduct and pre-accusatorial delay are general criminal defense issues that could be raised on a DUI case.