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Attorney Profiles

You or someone you care about is in need of a criminal defense attorney. You want to find out about the attorneys you are considering. After all, you are doing research; you did not just check the yellow pages and choose the first name. This makes sense – the choice of your defense attorney is among the most important decisions you will make, perhaps effecting the rest of your life.

Too much is at stake in your criminal Felony,DUI or assault case for you to take your attorney selection lightly. For compassionate counsel and a passionate defense, contact us, attorneys Derek Smith and James White. We have almost 40 years of combined experience and an in-depth knowledge of Washington state’s Criminal law processing for DUI, Felony Crimes like Drug & Firearms, and Domestic Violence including assault.

The stakes are high with any criminal charge. Our experience and knowledge spans all areas of criminal defense. This experience and knowledge would include violent crime (including assault, domestic violence, and murder), white collar crime, fraud, theft, and drug charges. When it comes to drug charges we have experience with Washington state’s seemingly constantly changing marijuana laws. When it comes to violent crime we are also experienced in dealing with self-defense cases that have unfortunately led to an arrest and criminal charge. Are you dealing with a criminal charge that you do not see listed? Please call and ask about it. It is quite possible that we will be able to handle it.

When you look for a professional or any service for that matter you probably check on the qualifications and experience of others. For the first you may check their website. Here we have briefly described the areas of criminal defense we have experience in – for more individual and thorough examinations you are invited to check out the biographies linked to on this page. As to the experience of others you probably usually depend on word of mouth from your friends and family. Of course, when choosing a criminal defense attorney, this is not always possible as you may have no one in your circle that has needed that service before now. If this is your experience it is recommended that you check out attorney review sites. The ratings are listed with the biographies on the specific sites of Google Plus, Yelp, Martindale-Hubble, and Avvo amongst others.

We can help people throughout western Washington, Pierce County, King County and the Puget Sound area. We have below included a more detailed biography of each of our partners, Derek Smith and James White. Of course, this profile and the biographies can only go so far – the best way to really get to know the attorneys is face to face. Call or e-mail the law office of Smith & White, PLLC – your free case analysis awaits you.